Monday, April 9, 2012

Dealing with cradle cap

Gian-Michael has a pretty bad case of cradle cap and it is pretty yucky.  Bella never had it so I was at a loss at how to deal with it.  My doctor suggested using baby oil and a few websites I checked out said to use olive oil.  I chose the olive oil route as it seemed more natural to me. 

Last night at bath time we soaked his head in the olive oil for a few minutes and then combed it out,  It freaked us out a bit because we could see clumps of hair coming off his head:(  He has such a nice head of hair, it saddens me that it is going to be all falling out now.  This morning when he woke up I found more clumps of hair on him and in his bassinet. 

I wonder if I should continue this process every day until it is gone.  I usually wash his hair every couple of days.  Looking for advice from all my lovely readers to give me suggestions of what they did.  Also for those of you had little ones who lost their hair, how long before it started to grow back?  How long did it take for the cradle cap went away?