Monday, April 9, 2012

FunBites - product review

Hey moms, are you looking for a new way to make food and snacks fun to eat for your little one?  I know that my 3 year old gets bored easily of the same old thing.   I have made smiley faces on sandwiches, cut cheese and fruits into different sized cubes and even attempted making fun shapes, only to discover I am not good at making shapes out of food.  So how excited was I to come across FunBites?!?  FunBites were created so all you have to is place them on your food and they would make the fun shapes for you:)  It is done all so neatly and you don't have to lay a finger on the food either to make the shapes.

They are so simple to use.  Just place the cutter on top of your food and gently rock it until it has gone through your food.  Place the popper on the cutter and push through and your food is ready to eat.  It really is that easy.  I have used these for Bella's cheese and her sandwiches and she loves them.   Some other great features of FunBites are that they are dishwasher safe (YAY) and BPA free.  I can't wait to use them on fruit to make yummy fruit salads this summer (tis the season).

FunBites needs your help.  They are looking for votes to be sold in Walmart.  Click here to get your votes in now.

Thanks FunBites for sending me your awesome products for review!